Our Master Bedroom:
First Thoughts

Master BR Vision Board

My fully realized life is set in a beautiful environment and the most beautiful environment of all should be, in my opinion, the home. Mine is a work in progress (I don’t know about yours), but the journey is (almost) as good as the destination, so I’m trying to enjoy the process of gradually making my home the sanctuary it’s meant to be.

I start all my home decor projects with vision boards. I’ve found it helps me weed out bad ideas with minimal investment of time and zero investment of resources. 

Our Master Bedroom design began with the color orange after I found two velvet, burnt orange throw pillows that my husband also loved. Next, we added some medium orange linen lampshades, edged in seagrass, at Home Goods of all places, and a color theme was born. Orange can be tricky, though, so we’re grounding it with earth tones in natural fibers. I’ve selected grey and pale beige, which both go a long way towards cooling down what could otherwise be quite an overwhelming room — the last thing you want in your bedroom sanctuary. Blacks and gold tones add that pop of glamour love, and the rug adds the World Traveler vibe that both E and I adore, though for budgetary reasons, I’ll be exploring other options, such as a fluffy, Moroccan-inspired rug broken up with a subtle grey or black diamond pattern and perhaps find a throw pillow that picks up the ideas expressed through the pricier vision board rug. Finally, I’m adding a pop of sea blue to cool the whole thing down. Blue is perfect for a bedroom, adding that soothing vibe, and I find it’s the perfect antidote to potentially overstimulating orange. Still thinking about the curtains, which will play against a grey accent wall, and debating whether to go neutral on the chair and ottoman or to go balls out and reupholster it in orange. I’m leaning towards the orange, though, because fortune favors the brave.

PAULA PURYEAR is a Lawyer, Film & Television writer, HuffPoster and Founder of Revel In It Mag.

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