The Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2013

Rashida Jones at VF Oscar Party 2013

 The paparazzi take aim at Rashida Jones. 

Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber at VF Oscar Party 2013

Best Actress Nominee Naomi Watts and her actor/writer/director husband Liev Schreiber.

I’m pretty certain, even though I’ve never been, that the Vanity Fair Oscar Party is the event of Hollywood awards season. It’s the one ticket, other than front section seats at the Academy Awards, that I’d most like to score. The Vanity Fair party is the ultimate insider’s get, with the brightest lights of film, fashion, art and music gathering for a party that always looks, from the outside, like a gathering of new and old friends.

Hollywood is a tough town that chews and spits out the best of them. Ben Affleck’s Best Picture acceptance speech was so moving precisely because he has suffered the slings and arrows of a fickle, unforgiving business, and come out on top, as George Clooney has noted, by directing his way out of an acting slump. It was a smart move, and proof positive that there are too second acts (and even third ones), even in Hollywood.

To everyone who celebrated a second or third act on Sunday night, we take our hats off to you, and thank you for the inspiration to persevere. And to all you beautiful insiders, you look like a million bucks.

Leslie Mann at VF Oscar Party 2013

Actress Leslie Mann looking like a trillion bucks in a dress I would literally steal off her back.

Diane Kruger at VF Oscar Party 2013

Actress Diane Kruger looking like an old school movie star like she always does.

Jamie Foxx & Daughter at VF Oscar Party 2013

Actor/musician/comedian Jamie Foxx escorted by his lovely daughter Corinne.

Sally Field at VF Oscar Party 2013

Best Supporting Actress Nominee Sally Fields enjoying her third act, to which we say, Amen.

Daniel Day Lewis & Rebecca Miller at VF Oscar Party 2013

Daniel Day-Lewis, who gracious speech notwithstanding, has no peers,
with his wife, the writer/director and Arthur Miller daughter, Rebecca Miller.

Danna & Edward Ruscha at VF Oscar Party 2013

Painter Ed Ruscha and his wife Danna Ruscha.

Bruce Weber & Nan Bush at VF Oscar Party 2013

Legendary fashion photographer Bruce Webber
Webber’s manager and executive producer of all his films Nan Bush.

Mourielle Herrera & Rick Rubin at VF Oscar Party 2013

Legendary music impresario Rick Ruben and actress Mourielle Herrera. 

Jennifer Hudson & Ginnifer Goodwin at VF Oscar Party 2013

Oscar Winner, and 2013 Oscar Performer, Jennifer Hudson and actress Ginnifer Goodwin.

Diane Kruger & Zoe Saldana at VF Oscar Party 2013

Actresses Diane Kruger and Zoey Saldana, star of the upcoming Nina Simone biopic and a standout on the Oscar red carpet. I was agnostic about her risk-taking dress, but head over heels for her grace and smarts and charm.

Harvey Weinstein, Georgina Chapman and Olivia Munn at VF Oscar Party 2013

The indomitable Harvey Weinstein with his wife, Marchesa founder and designer Georgina Chapman,
and actress Olivia Munn, who has mastered the art of looking both gorgeous and like she could kick your butt.

Zooey Deschanel & Jamie Linden at VF Oscar Party 2013

Actress Zooey Deschanel & writer/director/producer Jamie Linden. 

VF Oscar Party 2013

The Row founder & designer Ashley Olsen with actress Catherine Zeta-Jones,
and Les Miserables actresses Amanda Seyfried and Samantha Barks. 

Jennifer Lawrence & Anne Hathaway at VF Oscar Party 2013

Ladies of the hour, the Oscar Winners Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway.

Aubrey Plaza, Amy Poehler & Rashida Jones at VF Oscar Party 2013

Funny ladies Aubrey Plaza, Amy Poehler & Rashida Jones.

PHOTOGRAPHY via Vanity Fair and (picture of Amanda Seifred & Samantha Barks) The Hollywood Reporter

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