Tata Harper On The Farm

Tata Harper lives on a 1200 acre farm near Middlebury, Vermont, with her husband Henry, their three kids and a menagerie of rescue dogs, cats, sheep and goats. They grow most of their own food and they also grow some of the ingredients for Tata’s eponymous, natural, Tata Harper skincare line, which is also manufactured on the farm.

Growing up, Tata was passionate about math and science. She loved experimenting and figuring out how things work. Little surprise, then, that she became an Industrial Engineer. Tata’s career path changed in 2004, when her stepfather was diagnosed with cancer and advised to avoid conventional products because of the toxic chemicals they contain. Tata, whose grandmother introduced her to homemade skincare as a child, did what she does. She started experimenting. For five years, she worked with a team of chemists, biologists, agriculturalists and aromatherapists from around the worlds. The result? A line of luscious, texturally rich, wonderfully (and naturally) scented products that deliver results.

I love the way Tata lives her life. She’s a wife, mother of three, entrepreneur and woman who’s living The Fully Realized Life in such a dreamy, organic way. She has a business and a life — and the two are seamlessly integrated in a way that seems worth aspiring towards, though the particular will differ in every life. What Tata most enjoys about her business is spending time in the lab, overseeing the products they make each month on the farm. They make only what they need so the product is always fresh — a must when you go the all-natural, no preservatives route. And when there’s surplus, they get creative, like they did in July, filling the slip and slide with expired product at the company BBQ.

Like any working mom, Tata is busy. At night, after the kids go to bed, she’s back at work. She often works until midnight, but, then, working until midnight on something you love and have ownership of is a whole different proposition. Doing it on your own organic farm, from inside a life of your own design?  What could be more divine?


Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum  $150 — A creamy moisturizer and serum in one.

Tata Harper Restorative Eye Cream $90 — Amazingly creamy and rich.

The Tata Harper Official Blog — Chock full of beauty and lifestyle information and stories about Tata Harper and life on the farm.

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