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The Revelry [Week’s Best]

THE REVELRY [WEEK’S BEST] explores some of the week’s best social & cultural finds from around the Web.

Interview with Photojournalist and Change-Maker Mr. Sebastian Meyer
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Natalie Massanet was on to something when she founded Net-A-Porter, the online luxury retailer wrapped in a media brand. She understood that she wasn’t just selling clothes, she was selling a story. Massanet followed her first stroke of genius with another, the Net-A-Porter brother site, Mr. Porter. This week, on Mr. Porter The Journal, Mr. Chris Elvidge interviews Photojournalist and Change-Maker, Mr. Sebastian Meyer who has lived in Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, since 2009. He runs Metrography, Iraq’s first photography agency, which he helped establish and which now represents more than 60 photographers. In the Mr. Porter interview, Mr. Meyer speaks eloquently about empowering a nation of photographers, the curiosity that fuels his work, and the upside of letting romance lead the way. Read interview here.

The Place|California’s Central Coast
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T Magazine, The New York Times Style Magazine, has a wonderful spread in its Travel Fall 2012 edition on California’s Central Coast. The four-parter, written by Tanvi Chheda,  introduces the young, talented winemakers (a few still under 30) pushing the boundaries of winemaking in more experimental Paso Robles, with acclaimed results, and showcases an array of Central Coast gems, from  inns and restaurants, to artisanal food you can sample right on the farm, to the slew of wineries and the local-centric restaurants that have sprouted up in the midst of the verdant farmland of the Central Coast. Read articles here.


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Let’s Go Glamping

Glamping is camping for people who’ve aged out of sleeping on the ground…or who were never really into that in the first place. In other words, it’s for me. I grew up playing in the woods and mucking about in the creek behind our house, and I still love diving into nature for an hour or an afternoon, for a hike in the woods or a scuba dive, but then I like to curl up someplace luxe. 
Blame it on the Winnebego my father bought for our family when I was a child. I still have a childhood memory of me riding in the passenger seat with my father behind the wheel, and Gladys Knight’s Midnight Train To Georgia playing on the Winnebego radio dial. It was all over lickety-split. By the time I was eight my parents had split, and the little familial paradise I longed for (I long for it still) had come to its inevitable, unceremonious end. Still I have that memory. It’s the sweetest one I know. Back then we camped in a campground. I’m pretty sure it had paved roads. The only reason we bothered to camp at all is that this was the 1970’s, and in our little corner of paradise (Panama City, Florida, a.k.a. “The Redneck Riviera”), they wouldn’t have the likes of us in their all-white hotels. My how times have changed.


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