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The Revelry [Week’s Best]

Berry Deserts

THE REVELRY [WEEK’S BEST] explores some of the week’s best social & cultural finds from around the Web.

Forbes Woman
The Secret Art Of Negotiating: Take Ego Off The Table
Explore more at www.forbes.com/forbeswoman/
Conventional wisdom says you need to play hardball to win a tough negotiation. But evidence is mounting that negotiation isn’t about power, it’s about relationship. Rony Ross, founder and executive chairman of Panorama Software shares her tips for negotiating in Jenna Goudreau’s article for Forbes.com.


Marcus Samuelsson
Immigrants, The American Diet, And Health
Explore more at www.marcussamuelsson.com
Tawnya Manion writes about the effects of the American diet on health in this powerful call to rethink the way we relate to food.




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