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Summer 2013:
5 Ways To Revel With Us


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The lazy days of summer are here and, if you’re like us, you’re doing a thousand and one things, between juggling your career, family, and social life with friends and making time for summer downtime, whether that means jetting off for a beach vacation, or perhaps something more educational or culturally enriching for you and your brood, or just lounging in the yard or by the pool. We’ve all got 99 problems but a vacay ain’t one.

Summer finds me juggling a lot more balls then usual — a trend I am very much looking forward to continuing. I’m blogging here and at Huffington Post, making the occasional appearance on HuffPost Live, where I pop up from time to time to gab with friends and colleagues in entertainment, writing my first novel and, for reasons yet unknown, sticking my baby toe back in the TV and film pond with some new original work and my random thoughts of one day turning the fiction I’ve discovered I love to write into a movie or, better yet, a movie franchise. Add to that my efforts to pump up my home and family and social life and my hands are full. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The challenge of course, is how to juggle all our balls well. It’s something we all face and from what I can tell, the best answer going is to accept that you can’t do it all at once. What you can do do whatever you’re doing now really well and keep an eye on things you might do next. Take small steps towards those things today and when the opportunity to go full throttle arises, give it your all, but until then, don’t fret about the things you can’t do. Rather, do the things you can with your whole heart and soul. Whatever you can do is always enough because, one, it has to be and, two, it actually really is. Sometimes we think we have to do 10,000 things to reach our goal, but the truth is, all we really have to do is a smaller number of the right things. Knowing what the right things are isn’t always easy, but if you relax and learn to listen to the still quiet voice of intuition, your answers will come. Instead of driving yourself into the ground trying to cover all the bases all the time, you’ll know which things you actually need to do to meet up with the happy accidents that, let’s face it, play a major role in the successes we achieve in our lives.

Speaking of successes, we’ve received a lot of wonderfully supportive comments from you on Twitter, Facebook, via email and sometimes even in person and it means the world to us. The work we do here is all about connecting with other people in real time and it means a lot to us that you are out there reading. One of our goals for the coming year is to engage with you even more and to gradually grow our readership of like minded people. And so, as we kick off the lazy/super busy days of summer, we thought we’d share some ideas for how you can engage with us even more. So here goes:


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