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Divine Little Black Dress

Gucci Little Black Dress

Until about five minutes ago, I was convinced that the Little Black Dress (LBD) was a boring yawn-fest, then I spotted the little Gucci number above and got religion. You could baptize me in this dress, you could bury me in this dress, you could burn me at the stake. Really doesn’t matter. In this dress I just wouldn’t care.

Call me superficial (which I most assuredly am not), but sometimes the close, well, if they don’t exactly make the woman, the let the woman shine. If you’re leading a busy life (and who among us isn’t?), the best clothes are those that look fantastic but also convey a sense of comfort and ease. Not only is actual comfort and ease important when you’re running around your life, the “look” of comfort and ease also send a message: that you’ve got it all under control, that none of the thousand and one things that you’ve got going on has you the least bit ruffled at all.


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TFRL Uniform:
Tieks’ Shamelessly Good
Ballet Flat


If you were around in the 80’s — or if you saw Working Girl — you’ll cringe at the memory of smart, confident career women (as we called them in those days) high stepping it to work in clunky white cross-trainers and power-shoulder business suits. The 80’s got a lot of things wrong — big hair, leg warmers worn with street clothes — but the trend of wearing workout shoes with workaday clothes has to have been the sartorial catastrophe of the decade. Not that the women themselves are to blame. After all, the ballet flat hadn’t been reinvented yet. Ballet flats are ubiquitous these days, and at every price point, but these ones from Tieks make me want to time travel back to the 80’s and stand on a Manhattan street corner handing them out. They’re so Working Girl perfect it’s insane. They fold up! They come in a little pouch! They’re luxurious!


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Bangs Collage

I’ve never worn bangs (or if I have, I’ve long forgotten), but these ladies make me want to give bangs a second thought. Some women were born for bangs. Like Mandana Dayani, Vice President of Rachel Zoe, Inc. (top left) or actress/musician Zooey Deschanel (bottom middle). I had to resist the urge to post 79 images of these women because, every way they rock ‘em, their bangs work.


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Narrating The NFL Draft

NFL Draft Style Sharrif Floyd
NFL Draft Style Kenny Vaccaro

My interest in football is two-fold. I’m interested because my husband’s interested, though thankfully not obsessively so. He’s just interested enough for me to have learned, over the past few years, something I hadn’t noticed before: that football — and sport in general — has a narrative power and force to rival the Iliad and the Odyssey.

To be sure, football is the prose-light version of these grand narratives, but the big themes, which might be compressed and summed up with a single moniker, “the agony and the ecstasy,” are everywhere to be found in the sporting life. Steal a look at the ESPN documentary series 30 for 30 if you have any doubt. There you’ll see lives splayed open like a corpse on autopsy day. It’s a lovelier thing than this metaphor makes it seem.  A great story, after all — and 30 for 30 features some of the best, from filmmakers like Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights), Steve James (Hoop Dreams), Brett Morgan (The Kid Stays In The Picture) and rapper/actor/producer Ice Cube — allows us to dissect a life and find lessons that illumine our own. 


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