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Color Is The New Black

Color ruled the Spring/Summer 2012 runway, and sent me running toward a new idea: that maybe color could be as easy to wear as basic black. Now fall is upon us, and there’s no sign of the color trend abating any time soon. As someone who was born to wear strong, saturated color, I consider this very good news.

For seasons, I’ve admired the sleek look of an outfit in a limited palette of neutrals, black and white (with blush tossed in to give your neutrals a little “pop”), but all the while, I instinctively felt that something was missing. My black and neutral wardrobe was polished, but it wasn’t bold and it wasn’t vibrant — the very things I knew I really was on the inside, and I wanted to let these things show. So when Spring/Summer 2012 rolled around, with its surfeit of color in every shade and hue, I was more than a little motivated to prove my little madcap “color-is-the-new-black” theory true. And so, I set about rebooting my wardrobe, combining old items in unexpected ways, and mixing-in the occasional new find.


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