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The Remarkable Homeland Returns

Last night, Showtime’s remarkable series Homeland returned for its second season. If you haven’t seen the Season 2 premiere, you may want to wait to read this post until you have. 

Homeland brought home four Emmys last week for it’s first season run, a well-deserved Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series Emmy for Claire Danes and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Emmy for Damian Lewis, as well as Emmys for Best Drama and Best Writing in a Drama Series. The show’s plotting is interesting and engaging, and it’s a major factor in the show’s success, but it’s the character work that takes the show from good to great.

The great narratives are narratives of character most of all. This is as true of action-packed genre stories as it is of the quieter, character-driven ones. As transmedia psychology expert Lara Hoefs explains, this is a feature of the way that people relate to story in these changing times.


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