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The Visioning Phase

Bright Lights

TFRL is an ongoing series about the journey to The Fully Realized Life, and The Visioning Phase, the second in a three-part conversation about the role of Visioning, Planning and Doing in living a fully realized life.

A few weeks back, we sat around the Revel In It fire to talked about The Doing Phase — a.k.a. those times in life when you just have to roll up your sleeves and do the hard, practical work of realizing your goals and dreams. It’s like my father used to say, you can pray, but you still have to work like hell.

Back then, we argued that it’s all about what you do, but we also acknowledged that, before you do, it helps to have a vision and a plan Doing without first visioning and planning is the dry-land equivalent of setting sail with no destination, and no understanding of the sea. You’ll end up somewhere, but it’s anybody’s guess as to where. And since the open sea can be a treacherous and unpredictable place, and so too life, we recommend you navigate it by knowing what you’re doing and why. The why is your vision. The what is your plan. 


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