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The Promise Of A Second Term

Over here at my house (and at the home of the friends whom we celebrated with last night), we are dancing in the streets. I expected President Obama would be re-elected (just as I suspected he’d be elected the history-making first go-round), but there’s nothing like having the bird actually in hand. There was a lot at stake in this year’s election, and though I can generally respect opinions from all sides of the political spectrum, in recent years, the far right has led the Republican party off the solid path of things I don’t agree with but respect, into the wilderness of things that simply have no factual basis and must be rejected out of hand — such as the idea that Creationism is a science, that a woman who gets pregnant can’t have been raped, or Mr. Ryan’s idea that religion should shape policy — an idea expressly rejected by the way by, oh, I don’t know, the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.   


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