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Rumi Wisdom: The Secret Way


If the door shuts, do not go away.

Be patient, even if every possibility seems closed.

The friend has secret ways known to no one else knows.

- Rumi -

Unknowingly, I opened myself to the secret way. And then this quote appeared, explaining everything.

The secret way is the way of minimal effort. No, it’s not the lazy way, but it is the way of aligning yourself with the natural flow of the river, the way of riding the crest of the wave. So many of us fight with life as if it’s opposed to our will. And, yes, I suppose it is opposed to our will, if our will is defined as our pig-headed intent to have things unfold exactly as we’ve planned. But if our will is aligned with our true calling, if it is aligned with how we can use our talents, passions and gifts for the benefit of both ourselves and the world, then life will not only not oppose us; it will remove every obstacle from our path and make a way, as Southern black Christians say, out of no way. I have seen it with my own eyes and lived it from inside my own life.


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