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The Legendary Ravi Shankar

The legendary Ravi Shankar died this week at the age of 92. He gave his last performance on November 4th and was nominated last week for a Grammy for Best World Music Album. It is a fitting endpoint in a legendary life. This morning, while driving home from a spin class, I had the honor and privilege of listening to two musicians who studied under Shankar for longer than I’ve been alive pay homage to their friend and musical father. I could feel his great soul in between the lines of the words they said, and as Shankar’s music played in between the verbal commentary, I was reminded of why Shankar matters musically, and of how he used music to change the world.

If music is the universal language, then Shankar’s music spoke the language of our unity. Because Shankar walked this way, the world is a little smaller, and we walk with a greater awareness of the beautiful truth that we are one.


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