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Be That Woman (Or Man)

I found this quote on For The Love Of Blog, the blog of fashion brand Alice & Olivia, and fell in love with it. It’s a sassy take on a deeper sentiment that’s worth reflecting on as we near the end of another year: that getting the life your soul wants, the life you were born for, takes boldness, and moxie, and the willingness to face down anything that gets in your way. 


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Revel Wisdom: Letting Go That Which Weighs You Down


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This has been an interesting year of change. I’m becoming the person I most want to be, the person I’ve always secretly been deep down inside (or not so secretly according to my very best friends, who’ve always known who I was and were just waiting for me to catch up). As I morph more into my true self, I’ve found that my old things don’t fit the way they used to. Ideas I once lived by suddenly sound like tensor calculus rendered in Wolof (translation: like something I don’t understand, spoken in a language I do not speak), and people I once felt deeply bonded too suddenly feel like relics from a former life.


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Revel Wisdom:
On Being Propelled Onward

In times of difficulty, it’s worth remembering that when life is pulling you backward, like a bow pulling back an arrow it’s preparing to launch you forward into something great. The challenge is to be non-resistant like an arrow that let’s itself be shot off into a stratosphere it can scarcely imagine.

When we conceive of our difficulties as the beginnings of something great, we come alive with imaginative possibility.


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Cultivating Lightness

TFRL is an ongoing series about the journey to The Fully Realized Life.

I had a great conversation with a friend the other day. I was telling her about people who inspire me, people who, despite the obvious challenges of juggling the businesses they’ve built doing what they love, and the marriages, children and friends with whom they spend rich, interesting, life-affirming time, they seem happy and relaxed. They seem, in ways I’ve never been, at ease within themselves and in the world.

I imagine them walking through life with a lightness I now want to cultivate, the lightness that I believe awaits me, on the other side of all of my grief. I imagine I will get there, to the other side, by simply emulating what I see, by acting “as if” my life were charmed.


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