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Morning Mental Health Walk:
Stepping Into Luminous Being


This morning I went for a walk and noticed, for the second time in the last two weeks, that starting my day with a walk —  outside, in the sunshine and fresh-ish air (I live in L.A. where fresh air is more conceptual than real) — is the single most important thing I can do to ensure that I’ll be firing on cylinders all day, better even than yoga and meditation, which is saying a lot. Of course, walking can itself be a meditation. I learned that great and beautiful lesson years ago, at the feet of the famous Buddhist monk Thich Nat Hahn, with whom I once spent a glorious weekend doing walking meditation and listening to him speak and being led by him in beautiful moving meditations in a jam-packed room that reminded me that we are in these bodies, and that our presence here — in these bodies, in this world, in the wheel of existence — matters.


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