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Matthew Williamson’s Magic Kaleidoscope Life

British fashion designer Matthew Williamson is the king of color, and sultan of an exuberant, bohemian-inflected glamour of his own invention, that is now such an essential part of the modern style lexicon that we imagine it was always thus.

I’ve long been a fan of Williamson’s designs and enamored of his Indian swami looks — which must have rubbed off whilst the Englishman was traveling through. They suit him in every way for the magic kaleidoscope life he leads. It is a singular life, and a Technicolor example of what it looks like when all the pieces of you line up.

Williamson, who once said, “My design philosophy is to make women feel like peacocks,” found his visual native tongue in his travels to India and Bali. Those influences are still evident in his work, which drips with vibrant color, pattern and embellishment. Williamson knows how to work a frock. Slip one on and you are transported, back to the dress-up box, and the fairytale magic that found you there.


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Style Matters

If I had a thousand lives to live, I would live one life with the rock-chick meets the boardroom style of Carine Roitfeld, and another with the toss-away luxe-boho style of Kate Moss. Or better yet, I’d find an indomitable style all my own, and wear it like a second layer of skin, just like them.

There’s something about a woman, or a man, in possession of a great and singular sense of style. A woman like Kate or Carine, whose essence very seeps from her pores, and into the clothing that must have been made just for her, because no one else could wear it half so well.


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