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Divine Little Black Dress

Gucci Little Black Dress

Until about five minutes ago, I was convinced that the Little Black Dress (LBD) was a boring yawn-fest, then I spotted the little Gucci number above and got religion. You could baptize me in this dress, you could bury me in this dress, you could burn me at the stake. Really doesn’t matter. In this dress I just wouldn’t care.

Call me superficial (which I most assuredly am not), but sometimes the close, well, if they don’t exactly make the woman, the let the woman shine. If you’re leading a busy life (and who among us isn’t?), the best clothes are those that look fantastic but also convey a sense of comfort and ease. Not only is actual comfort and ease important when you’re running around your life, the “look” of comfort and ease also send a message: that you’ve got it all under control, that none of the thousand and one things that you’ve got going on has you the least bit ruffled at all.


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