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Global Nomad Find: Figue

Figue Clothing


There is a throughline that keeps popping up in the story of my life. It’s hidden there, in the seams of the things that I’m drawn, and the experiences I hold most dear. That througline has to do with a certain kind of wanderer’s spirt. It’s as if, for all of my life, I’ve been walking the wayfarer’s way, in perpetual search of home — and as if I keep finding it in the glorious creations of the global nomad tribe.

Membership in the tribe is open to anyone who has hodge-podged their life together out of disparate influences. As often as not, they are of mixed cultural or national heritage, and they quite frequently borrow references from all the worlds they’ve visited in their lifetime and in their minds. One of my latest global nomad discoveries is Stephanie Von Watzdorf, the creator of Figue, a clothing line “for women who travel or dream of traveling to exotic destinations and…enjoy a lifestyle…as luxurious as it is bohemian.” 


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