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May 2013:
May Flowers

Bouganvilla from Apartment 34


Wild Flowers

May flowers. Life comes back into bloom and we with it. At least that’s how it should be. Years ago, the week I turned 24, I spent five days on Maasai Mara game preserve in Kenya, where I was living that summer. We stayed at a lodge that was right at the equator. I remember looking up into the sky one night and thinking, “so the world really is round.” Above me, the sky opened out like a giant, star-filled bowl. Save for the lights at the lodge, which were kept dimly lit, there were no electric lights for miles. In their absence, I was dipped in a profound presence that is always with us, but that we mostly can’t feel, with our bright lights and busy lives. That moment has never left me. It’s what keeps me living, the best I can, with the rhythms of the seasons, even though technology means I don’t have to. The thing is, I want to. Life is so much richer that way. We are part of this, after all. Part of this ecosystem, not masters of it, and the more we sit in that reality, the more we feel the gift that it is to be connected, to one another, to this planet, to ourselves.


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Or Thanksgiving All Year Long

Thanksgiving is the one holiday that has the sole purpose of bringing people together around the dinner table just so they can spend time together (okay, and eat a really delicious meal). A whole holiday dedicated to connecting? I’m all in. So in that I’ve decided that, from now on, I’m to have Thanksgiving all year long. In other words, I’m going to treat every day like the opportunity to connect it really is. I’m going to step out of my protective Cancer crab shell and take more risks, in order to connect more deeply, with more people than ever before. 


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