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Illesteva Is
The Illest Shade Maker
Of All Time

Stop the madness. 2012 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund nominees Illesteva (the name is a take on the hip-hop expression “Illest evuh”) has brought so much modern, eco-tech, cutting edge cred to the project of making a pair of shades that I can hardly breathe. It’s sunglass as statement piece, and they lends their wearer an instant “creative tribe “kind of street cred that has me worshipping once again at the house that creativity built.


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November 2012:
On Grace & Gratitude

Fall is a time to harvest the fruits of our past experience, and take stock of what we’ve received. It’s a time of grace and gratitude, a necessary pause — metaphorically, at least — between the hyper-productive seasons of our lives, and the dormant, action-less times from which new possibilities are born.

Ex nihilo. Out of nothing. This is the true rhythm of things. Back in the olden days — when we lived off the land, and rose and set with the sun — the cycles of nature, and the sway they held over our lives was so evident that it required no contemplation. The frenzied days of the summer growing season gave way to the quieter, more contemplative days of fall, when we harvested the crops, putting them away for the fallow days of winter, when we were literally carried by our past efforts into the new birth of spring. In those long-ago days, we would have embraced the newfound leisure that fall introduced to our lives. We would have sat at the harvest table and received the bounty of the growing season with the deep sense of gratitude and awe that the moment deserved. We would have rejoiced in each others company and abandoned ourselves to the pleasures of a hearty meal. We would have taking the moment to breathe, and to feel our own origins and continuity within the rhythm of natural things.


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