Solange Knowles:
A True Original
On Her Wedding Day


Image by Rog Walker

By now you’ve almost certainly seen the pictures of Solange Knowles and her long-time boyfriend, now husband Alan Ferguson on their wedding day. Their wedding was the shot heard around the world. So stunningly authentic and original were these nuptials, from the everyday glorious juxtaposition of Solange’s fierce natural and Alan’s equally fierce beard, to Solange’s regal cape dress, to the eco boho swag of arriving to wherever they were going (reception perhaps?) on wedding white bikes, to the cavorting through the heady streets of New Orleans, where the living may not be easy, but it sure is good.

I have long been a fan of Solange Knowles, whose My Damn Blog gives a window onto her soulful, wayfaring, band of good souls life. As the younger sister of one of the biggest superstars in the world, it would have been so easy for her to get lost behind the spotlight. Instead, she’s created a spotlight of her own, one that reflects her passions and preoccupations, which are as unlike her sister’s as oil is from water. I am a fan of Beyonce’s music and her sweet sincerity (or so it looks from here), but Solange’s depth (or so it seems from here) captures a different part of my heart, the part that’s made mostly of longing (for my own original life, which I am building — all in, after years of wandering and exploration) and admiration (for those who somehow knew how to live their original lives all along).

Here’s to originality, here’s to Solange and Alan, and here’s to black love, which isn’t better or more beautiful than other kinds of love, but which is in need of visibility, celebration and our deep reverence for all it’s overcome, not least of which is the institution of slavery itself, which did everything it could to tear us asunder, only for love to bring us back.


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