How To Tie A Sarong
Like A Goddess

hbz-sarong-01-lgnI gave up on the sarong a decade ago and traded up to the always elegant kaftan, but Harpers Bazaar’s online feature, “4 Innovative Ways To Tie A Chic Summer Sarong,” has me rethinking the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong, I will always stuff my suitcase full of kaftans (and a kaftan is my go to favorite for a lounge around the pool), but armed with these how to’s (and you must pop over to for full instructions), I have a feeling I’ll be tossing sarongs in the mix. They have the added benefit of being able to do double (or quadruple) duty as a scarf, a baby sling, even a tablecloth.

My favorite sarongs are kangas, the colorful cotton squares of fabric ubiquitous in Kenya, where you can pick them up for a few dollars each. If you can’t make it to Kenya just now, you can splurge on the version below, from the  online store owned by Gypset Style and Gypset Travel’s Julia Chapin.


Chapin has edged out her kangas with a vibrant ribbon trim, which does take them up a notch. It’s an idea I’ll be stealing when I make it back to my beloved Kenya for a long overdue second trip. Until then, I’ll pick up sarongs stateside or don the ones I already have.

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