Revel Wisdom: Letting Go That Which Weighs You Down


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This has been an interesting year of change. I’m becoming the person I most want to be, the person I’ve always secretly been deep down inside (or not so secretly according to my very best friends, who’ve always known who I was and were just waiting for me to catch up). As I morph more into my true self, I’ve found that my old things don’t fit the way they used to. Ideas I once lived by suddenly sound like tensor calculus rendered in Wolof (translation: like something I don’t understand, spoken in a language I do not speak), and people I once felt deeply bonded too suddenly feel like relics from a former life. I’d always known this kind of thing could happen. I’d heard the old adage, “people come into your life for a season, a reason or a lifetime,” at least a dozen times. I’d hoped it wasn’t true. I’d wanted to keep everyone I ever loved close to me evermore. Then, a surprising thing happened. As I outgrew my former self, relationships that had once buoyed me started to weigh me down. The love remained, but the comfort and ease were gone. The letting go got easier. Some people quietly drifted away and others drew more near. And there was consolation in this, the comfort that comes from knowing that, as we let go of one hand, another will appear.

Thanks to Paloma at La Dolce Vita for today’s inspiration.

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