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Some things are so good it’s disturbing, like the ridiculously gorgeous and inspirational blog from Interior Designer Nam Dang-Mitchell. Seriously, I could dress myself, dress my house, design my life and figure out what to watch on TV, what music to listen to, basically how to live my life, just by consulting the collage meets video dreamscapes she creates.

P.S.: And how crazy is it that her Girls post makes me like Girls so much more.








PHOTOGRAPHY via Nam Dang Mitchell

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  • Arlene Gibbs Décor

    I have to check out her blog now! 

    I love that Saint Laurent shirt. 

    Did you see the reviews about the latest collection?  What is happening to YSL (I refuse to call it SL)?

    • Paula Puryear Martin

      Crazy! A blip on my radar and I didn’t see this until now! Craisins, but better late than never… Isn’t she amazing!!!! I love that shirt too! I don’t know what to say about “Saint Laurent,” and I am totally with you on that. How can you overthrow Yves?