Hair: The Art Of The Bun

Blonde Bun 1

I love a bun. It’s an easy way to put your hair up and still look as polished and glamorous as you usually do. It also gives your hair a much needed break from all the heat styling we’re all so guilty of. The key is to smooth down your edges with a cream or pomade. My favorite is a styling wax called Tancho High Grade Tiche that comes in a deoderent-style push-up tube and has a mild, lavender essential oil scent, but your favorite cream, oil, or silicone product will do.

My favorite bun is a topknot.

Beyonce Top Knot

Blonde Bun 2

Unfortunately, I look crazy like that, so I’ve had to settle for placing my bun high and at the back of my head.

Jennifer Lopez Bun


The messier the bun the better, of course — not only does a messy bun look fuller, it also looks modern, edgy and pretty, all at the same time.

Solange Bun

Messy Blonde Bun

A low-slung knot tucked at the nape of the neck is also a beautiful look.

Beyonce Loose Bun

Buns look especially divine on long hair, but you can rock a lovely bun with medium-length hair, or add a ponytail hair piece to your short or medium do and whip up a bun from there.

Gwen Stefani Bun

For a more structured bun, good for an evening out, use a doughnut which entails sliding your pony through the doughnut hole, and looping and pinning your hair over the form.

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