March 2013:
Fertile Ground

Family On The Lawn

Spring is about fertile ground. The season begins at the Spring Equinox on March 21st (one of two days, the other being the Fall Equinox, when the the hours of daylight equal the hours of night), but we’ll be celebrating all month long.

In the Wicca tradition, the Spring Equinox is celebrated with the holiday of Ostara, a word that’s believed to derive from the Germanic word Eostre, from which derives the word Easter, the Christian holiday of the Resurrection. Spring is also home the Jewish holiday of Passover, commemorating the Exodus of the Jews out of bondage in Israel.

Back in my New York days, the early days of spring were among my favorite, precisely because they hinted at things to come. The daffodils would pop their heads, up through the little squares of soil around the trees that dotted my sidewalk. I’d get a fresh burst of energy, as if, like the daffodils, I could sense the coming light.

Spring is a time of renewal and new possibilities, literally and metaphorically. It’s when we sow seeds in the ground rather than the greenhouse — and it’s a good time to sow new seeds in our minds.

At Revel In It, we’ll be ringing in Spring with a multi-part conversation about healthy, local, organic food grown and raised (and reaped and slaughtered) in ways that honor our connection to the Earth.

We will also spend some time this month taking a new look at old things. Thing like feminism, which is fresh on our minds in this the month of the Sheryl Sandberg anti-feminist backlash (a backlash that’s unfortunately coming from all corners, including from women I’m pretty sure are feminists). Things like race, which we’ll be talking about in pictures (and not the pictures you’d think). Finally, we’ll be watching closely as the Supreme Court hears two new cases about the tired old subject of marriage equality. We hope they’ll be closing the book on marriage inequality once and for all, as the Equal Protection Clause clearly requires.

Of course, we’ll also be up to the lighter business of discussing glamour and weekend getaways and any other hijinks we can think up. We hope you’ll join the conversation, leave us a comment, and talk back to the other people whom we hope will also be leaving us comments. We’re hearing from a lot of you in other places and tracking your interest through our analytics, but your comments will tell us more about you and what you want to talk about than we could ever guess. We hope Spring marks the beginning of your season of talking back. We love hearing what you have to say.


PAULA PURYEAR is a Lawyer, Film & Television writer, HuffPoster and Founder of Revel In It Mag.

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