Goodbye White Hot Summer,
Hello White Hot Fall

White Lace Dress

White Hot Summer

White Hot Summer1

Summer isn’t officially over until the Fall Equinox on September 21st, but with Labor Day behind us, the chill (or not so chill) days of summer are definitely over. And so, we’re saying goodbye to White Hot Summer, and hello to White Hot Fall! With a little finesse you can wear your summer whites well into fall — and, if you’re really clever, you can rock your whites all winter long.


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Summer Black

Summer Black

Black is the quintessential uniform of women everywhere, and New York City girls have been known to compose wardrobes entirely of black. Black is easy to wear when the weather is cool, but a little more sartorially challenging when the temperatures soar. After seeing this gorgeous dress from Skaist Taylor (top left), however, I’ve now got my summer black uniform down pat. All you need is a great, floaty back dress and a killer pair of comfy heels or flats. You can also mix it up a bit with an architecturally interesting skirt and a simple top as below — and if you live in L.A. where the weather turns cool at night, you can add a sweater when the sun falls.

Other key summer black essentials? Jewelry, all in gold, and a leopard, snake or ivory clutch, on its own or tucked inside a roomy tote. When the weather turns cool in early fall, don your summer black dress with a pair of leather, vegan or cotton tights and a floaty coat or cape, like the woman above right at bottom, and you’ll be good to go.


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How To Tie A Sarong
Like A Goddess

hbz-sarong-01-lgnI gave up on the sarong a decade ago and traded up to the always elegant kaftan, but Harpers Bazaar’s online feature, “4 Innovative Ways To Tie A Chic Summer Sarong,” has me rethinking the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong, I will always stuff my suitcase full of kaftans (and a kaftan is my go to favorite for a lounge around the pool), but armed with these how to’s (and you must pop over to for full instructions), I have a feeling I’ll be tossing sarongs in the mix. They have the added benefit of being able to do double (or quadruple) duty as a scarf, a baby sling, even a tablecloth.


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Hair: The Art Of The Bun

Blonde Bun 1

I love a bun. It’s an easy way to put your hair up and still look as polished and glamorous as you usually do. It also gives your hair a much needed break from all the heat styling we’re all so guilty of. The key is to smooth down your edges with a cream or pomade. My favorite is a styling wax called Tancho High Grade Tiche that comes in a deoderent-style push-up tube and has a mild, lavender essential oil scent, but your favorite cream, oil, or silicone product will do.

My favorite bun is a topknot.

Beyonce Top Knot


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