On The Good Foot With
Anastasia King Jaress & JC Jaress



Broke Down Red Barn Kentucky

How often do we put our money where our mouth is, especially when it requires us to make major changes in our lives? Well Anastasia King Jaress and JC Jaress did just that in April, when they left their careers, Anastasia’s in film, and JC’s as an artist and business owner, and their home, a modern ranch in Altadena, California with an organic garden and a voluminous backyard, to hit the open road in a second-hand RV to make tangible their commitment to living a sustainable life.

Their plan? To spend a year on the road traveling the United States and working on organic farms, where they would learn about permaculture and other sustainable practices and find the hidden portal into a different kind of world than the one they’d known. At their journey’s end, the imagined themselves opening a sustainable retreat center in Panama, or wherever the road might lead. We sat down with The Jaresses on the eve of their departure to gab about the adventure that awaited them as they left their old life behind, and embraced the road as home.

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Lina Hanson & Kordo Doski’s
Revel Life

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This is the story of two beautiful immigrants who move to LA — from Sweden and Canada/Kurdistan respectively — and stake their claim on the American dream. It’s a real, Horatio Alger, pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps story, but in really fabulous boots, in this case worn by Swedish-born makeup artist and skincare entrepreneur Lina Hanson (who’s work has been featured in Vogue, Elle, W., InStyle and Harper’s Bazaar, and who’s painted the likes of Natalie Portman, Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor and Javier Bardem, to name a few), and her actor/filmmaker/business partner husband Kordo Doski, fresh off of making Kinetic, his first feature film as writer/director/producer and star, filmed in his native Kurdistan. We caught up with the international couple in their Los Angeles home on the day before they wed.


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