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January 2013:
New Year’s Revelution

Reveling In A Vintage Car

The new year is all about change. We make resolutions. We start new routines. We imagine our lives changed — and that we will be the engine of that change.

What does the project of change entail? In my own life I’ve been thinking about this question a lot of late. The last few years have been filled with change. I got married. I lost my beloved father who, joy of all joys, married us a few months before he died. I decided to move my career in a new direction, and to take on the tremendous learning curve and hard work that entails. The whole world as I’ve known it has turned upside down, mostly for the better, and it’s taught me a lot about seizing the reins and letting go, all at the same time. Both are essential for change. We must take control by making decisions and backing them up with our actions, but we also have to relinquish control, remaining receptive to unexpected opportunities that may propel us forward, and to obstacles that may be redirecting us to higher ground. It’s this willingness to seize the reins and to hold them lightly that will get us where we’re going in the end. We aren’t the author of our narrative, after all, but the protagonist, and like the hero of any great movie, we will be tossed about by a fate not of our choosing, and we will have the opportunity to shape that fate with how we respond to the obstacles, and opportunities, in our path. When we make a resolution, and when then we make it so, we are engaged in this work. It is, to my mind, mighty work. 


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December 2012:
New Beginnings

Life isn’t necessarily meant to be a neat and orderly affair. Sometimes you set off down one path, only to find yourself drawn to some irresistible wilderness where your true life is meant to be lived. Or you walk the straight and narrow, only to find yourself adrift and out to sea after taking the company buy-out package, getting laid off, or retiring from the job that once kept you anchored close to shore.

I’m from the off into the wilderness tribe. I was supposed to be a big law firm lawyer. Instead, I went off to pursue my dreams, a decision that would set me off on a path I could not imagine, one that ultimately led me home to my true self (which, in the end, is the only destination worth walking toward). I have friends and family members from the straight and narrow tribe and many of them have, in the end, taken a journey that, in its broad strokes at least, resembles mine. By dent of circumstance, they found themselves facing the possibility, or necessity, of reinvention, even though they’d taken fewer risks, and hewed more closely to the traditional path.


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November 2012:
On Grace & Gratitude

Fall is a time to harvest the fruits of our past experience, and take stock of what we’ve received. It’s a time of grace and gratitude, a necessary pause — metaphorically, at least — between the hyper-productive seasons of our lives, and the dormant, action-less times from which new possibilities are born.

Ex nihilo. Out of nothing. This is the true rhythm of things. Back in the olden days — when we lived off the land, and rose and set with the sun — the cycles of nature, and the sway they held over our lives was so evident that it required no contemplation. The frenzied days of the summer growing season gave way to the quieter, more contemplative days of fall, when we harvested the crops, putting them away for the fallow days of winter, when we were literally carried by our past efforts into the new birth of spring. In those long-ago days, we would have embraced the newfound leisure that fall introduced to our lives. We would have sat at the harvest table and received the bounty of the growing season with the deep sense of gratitude and awe that the moment deserved. We would have rejoiced in each others company and abandoned ourselves to the pleasures of a hearty meal. We would have taking the moment to breathe, and to feel our own origins and continuity within the rhythm of natural things.


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October 2012:
A Hallowed Life

It’s October. The month of Halloween. We’ll be donning costumes and zhushing up the house with glam-pumpkins, spray-painted silver and gold. But it can’t be all-Halloween all the time, so we’ll spend the rest of the month celebrating other delights. This week we’ll examine the new color trend that emerged this past Spring — and our notion  that color is here to stay. We’ll take a dive into the more than model life of Liya Kibede, the model, actress, entrepreneur and activist whose socially conscious clothing line Lem Lem has taken the fashion world by storm. And we’ll explore the trend in luxury camping — or “glamping” as it’s so groovily called — where you can get your love of nature on, while still enjoying all the relaxed luxuries you’d find at one of the one-of-a-kind gems in the Relais & Chateaux hotel group. My husband and I stayed at Relais & Chateux member House of Jasmines during a trip to Northern Argentina last year, and we would gladly glamp like that.


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September 2012:
Why We Revel

Former nun Karen Armstrong tells us in her luminous book The Spiral Staircase that the wasteland in the Grail Legend is a place “where people live inauthentic lives, blindly following the norms of their society and doing only what other people expect.” How many of us have lived our lives in the wasteland, never daring to step toward the life we dream? Or having taken that first bold step, how many of us turn back, when things get hard, or it seems we’ve lost our way?


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