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ROSSELLA DI BIDINO is an Italian food blogger with a passion for writing (Hemingway and M.F.K. Fisher are points of reference). Rossella was born in Friuli and lives in Rome where she dedicates her time to learning and writing about the complicated art of living and to discovering all facets of life. Her blog is Ma che ti sei mangiato (What have you eaten?).

Assunta Perilli Met A Loom

Assunta Perilli


Assunta Yarn

When you think of a weaver, what do you see? An old lady with white hair, a long black dress maybe a bit overweight? Or maybe she’s a pretty young girl with long blond hair, a sort of Rapunzel?

Meet our weaver, Assunta Perilli, a 30-something year old woman with short black hair and a wide smile. I sat down with Assunta recently to laugh, learn, and discover  the past, present and future of the weaving world. Assunta lives in Campotosto, in the Abruzzi Region in Italy where a few years ago an earthquake hit, bringing the region to worldwide attention. In a village of a little over 150 inhabitants, not far from L’Aquila, Abruzzi’s capital city, where the earthquake hit, Assunta is giving new life to local weaving traditions, and reviving a dying art.


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