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Year’s Best:
Susan Cain’s Quiet Revolution

Susan Cain's Quet

In 2012, Susan Cain, author of the best-selling and much lauded Quiet (subtitle: The Power Of Introverts In a World That Can’t Stop Talking), took what we thought we knew about introversion, and turned it on its head. She disabused us of any notion that introverts are shy (in fact, introversion and shyness are not particularly correlated, though a person could be both introverted and shy). She awakened us to deeper, more nuanced truths — about what extroversion and introversion really are, about why we need both to make the world go round, about why we err when we presume that the person that speaks the loudest is the one with the best idea.


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The Doing Phase



Woman Biking

TFRL is an ongoing series about the journey to The Fully Realized Life, and The Doing Phase, the first in a three-part conversation about the role of Visioning, Planning and Doing in creating our fully realized lives.

How’s your post-holiday re-entry going? Still on vacay? Already back at work? I’m back at work and my re-entry’s going well. Usually after a few days off — for example, after any given weekend — I have to work to ramp back up, but this time, after a few days off, I was chomping at the bit to get back to it. I’ve got so many dreams for 2013, and there’s no better way to set about reaching them than to dive right in. Which is what I’ve done. I’ve got a busy year ahead and the thought of all the hard work and possibilities is exhilarating.

What are you planning for 2013? How are you diving in?


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Be That Woman (Or Man)

I found this quote on For The Love Of Blog, the blog of fashion brand Alice & Olivia, and fell in love with it. It’s a sassy take on a deeper sentiment that’s worth reflecting on as we near the end of another year: that getting the life your soul wants, the life you were born for, takes boldness, and moxie, and the willingness to face down anything that gets in your way. 


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Happy Merry!


Happy Christmas! If I had my druthers, I’d be spending Christmas someplace like this. I love the pile of firewood. I love the sense of snow on the ground. I envision myself snuggled up in flannels and long-johns and faux fur-lined boots, sipping a warm mug of cider and gazing out at the mountainous woods.


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Beautiful Universe:
Bombay Electric

Bombay Electric CollageBombay Electric is, to quote one source, “Mumbai’s answer to Colette.” The New York Times calls India’s first concept store “the Barneys of Mumbai”. Suzy Menkes of the International Herald Tribune says it could just be the “template for the next millennium of Indian style.”

Located in the bustling heart of Mumbai, Bombay Electric is a cutting edge designer boutique that’s become a hub of experience, and a landmark for progressive Indian design. Bombay Electric features the best of the established Indian designers — names like Manish Arora and Rajesh Pratap Singh — and is known for being the first to spot, and nurture, emerging talent. Indian fashion collections share space with a carefully curated selection of international brands, such as Comme des Garcons and United Nude. You’ll also find rare gems, antique tribal jewelry, hand woven scarves, cashmere, and limited edition & vintage selections on display. 


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